Wednesday, May 22, 2013

McClain Tennis: Video of the Week #1

Coach Mcclains, advanced forehand, for advanced players  
(Hello fellow yelpers, to schedule a lesson with me, or to get info
about my availability, please call me on my cell phone, I get
so many emails, its a much faster way to call me direct.
Coach Mcclain  415-410-8067 leave message please, I will
call you back asap
Q: Why select McClain’s tennis lessons?
A: Listen now
   Yelp reviews speak for themselves but if you want to get a glimpse into my style of teaching . instructional video here

(The better your technique is, the more consistent you will be, the more consistent you
are, the more confidence you will have, I strongly believe that.  That  is my style of

(Videos of Coach Mcclain)

(Coach McClain’s advancecd forehand) 

Coach Mcclain's big brother Mac Mcclain, explaining the correct technique on how to volley.  (  

Coach Mcclain founder of Tennis Lesson by Mcclain

Pics of Coach Mcclain the early years  
Jan 27, 2008


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