I am a native Californian who started playing tennis as a little boy. Eventually, I was ranked #1 on the Casa Grande High School tennis team in Petaluma, California, and went on to attend and play tennis at North Carolina State. Now, I want to bring all my tennis knowledge to the courts to pass on my skills and techniques. 

What to expect for lessons

I like to feed tennis balls across the net to my players forehand and backhand to do a quick assessment on your skills. Very quickly, I will be able to determine what needs the most work and how to find the right teaching approach. Whether my students are beginner, intermediate, or experts, I don't like to change their game, but rather help them improve existing techniques. I will watch every movement and provided feedback and tips on how to get that ball over the net. Time and time again, my students see immediate results. 

To hear how my students have improved with me over time,
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