Tuesday, July 27, 2010

McClain Tennis Specializes In Teaching the Proper Technique.

I just had a great first lesson with Mcclain.

After taking many lessons with another highly rated instructor on Yelp and becoming frustrated by my lack of progress, I decided I would try switching instructors. Great decision - wish I had made it sooner.

Mcclain does exactly what he advertises. He'll feed you a few balls and determine right away what you need to work on. He solved an ongoing problem that I've had with my forehand for weeks in about 15 minutes. (I thought he was overconfident when he told me on the phone he could fix me in one lesson. Now I get it!) He really understands the proper technique and knows how to communicate/demonstrate it. He's easy to listen to and doesn't make the mistake of giving you too much to think about.

Chris S