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"McClain provided me an excellent foundation of the basics . My game has improved dramatically since working with McClain. He always takes great pride in his work and students."
Michael T, 2.0 Player


"McClain managed to turn me from a 2.0 easily shaken weekend player into a steady / confident 3.5 tennis player. His teaching technique is simple, easy to understand, consistent, yet powerful enough to change my outlook on how I play tennis. I use to be a �safe, down the middle� player, now I�m hitting the corners. If tennis is your game, and you want to improve, or if tennis is a new adventure and you want to get the basics down � then McClain can take you there."

Chris M., 3.5 Player


"I have been taking lessons from McClain for over 6 months and during that time, the small techniques that he has shared with me have made a tremendous difference in how I play. He is able to convey and show you exactly what you are doing, without bogging you down with too many things to work on at the same time. Besides the fact that he is the best instructor I have ever had, he is an amazing person and friend. I look forward to seeing him not only because I know my tennis game is getting better, but because I know he truly cares. I would recommend McClain to anyone."

Toni, 3.0 Player


"I had never played tennis before when I started taking lessons from McClain a few months ago. I never expected that my game would come together so quickly, and I will happily admit that the credit is all McClain's. He is committed to teaching great technique and to giving you pointers that you can easily remember and focus on when he is not around to remind you!. He is encouraging, patient, clear, and most importantly, honest! He also showed me how to practice against the wall in between lessons so that now I really see improvement from week to week. I really appreciate that he is as intent on improving my game as I am. Thanks for everything, McClain--when my boyfriend Roger and I get married because he's so impressed with my skills, I will definitely invite you to the wedding :-)"
Miriam, 1.5 Player


"McClain has helped me a great deal since I started taking lessons. He explained clearly what I needed to do to improve an when I followed the advice I did improve. He has also inspired me to get out and practice a lot between lessons which has been a big factor in improving my game. I definitely recommend him."

Hunter, 3.0 Player


"I have improved so much in just four lessons! I always look forward to my lessons with McClain. He has a great eye for improving my technique and my lessons are always a lot of fun!"

Rebecca, 3.0 Player


"I have taken tennis lessons in the past, but Mcclain's instructions and expertice definitely improved my game. There's always room for improvements and Mcclain can teach anyone young or old new tricks and techniques. I am 70 years old, and I will contunue to take more lessons from Mcclain."

Calvin T., 3.0 Player


"I am fortunate to being able to work McClain since last fall. Without a doubt, he has brought major improvements to my techniques and understanding of the game.

Two of the most amazing qualities of McClain are his passion for teaching and his eyes for details. It is amazing what he can observe and troubleshoot. Having the ability to show how to do something is important, but being able to troubleshoot what I have done wrong and provide the fix, like the Master Card saying, is priceless. Well, in McClain's case, an excellent price and a fantastic value."

Howard, 3.5 Player


"I've played tennis for 18 years and McClain is the best instructor I've ever had � with him, I would have been first singles in high school, rather than first doubles. He's patient, generous, and thorough, and in less than a month he radically reworked my now-immeasurably improved ground strokes. As long as I live in San Francisco, McClain will be my instructor. Couldn't recommend him highly enough."

Diane, 4.0 Player


"I highly recommend McClain as a tennis teacher. In the several lessons I have taken from him, he has provided me a number of specific recommendations that have resulted in an big improvement in my overall game. Additionally, he gives me clear and concise answers to my questions. Most importantly, taking lessons with McClain is a lot of fun!"

Monte, 3.5 Player


"Mcclain has helped our tennis game immensely. Our confidence has increased tremendously as we now understand the fundamentals of hitting a variety of shots. Elizabeth and I can now sustain a much longer rally than before making the game even more fun for beginners like us. Thanks Mcclain!"

Brad and Elizabeth, 1.5 Players


"I have taken lessons with so many pros and I have to tell you that you are the only person who has been able to fine tune my tennis the way it fits me and my needs. Everyone else has always tried to tell me what to do, whether that was the right stroke for me or not; it's like they learned it from a manual and that's what they could teach! But w/you, it's just incredible the way you can visualize what it is that is taking away from my shot and can give me a few tips to correct it. You are so special and I am so grateful for the way you have helped my game. I can't wait until my next lesson.....

Thank you so much!"

Sima, 3.0 Player


"McClain has a great, positive attitude on the court. He does not overcomplicate things. I was able to make some simple adjustments to my volley and serve that have greatly improved my game. I just need to practice!"

Quy, 4.5 player


"I am brand new to tennis & did not want to start out forming bad habits that would be difficult to change down the line. After my initial lesson with McClain, I felt so comfortable with the basic forehand & backhand stokes. He has a great way of breaking things down, so that you understand & know exactly what you're doing right & what you need to work on. I'm very excited to be able to just go out & play leisurely with friends, as my skills are improving & progressing dramatically after each lesson. McClain is a fantastic instructor & I highly recommend him to anyone!"

Stephanie P., 2.5 Player


"McClain accurately points out my mistakes and explains it in a very simple way. I believe that it is hard to fix bad habits but McClain helps you fix them. If I had been under his tutelage much earlier, I would be a better player right now. I definitely recommend McClain to anyone who is starting off with this wonderful game of tennis."

Kayo, 4.0 Player


"My game improves remakably with every lesson. McClain is able to fine tune seemingly minor aspects of my strokes which lead to major improvements. He is a great teacher and makes the process fun."

Rafael, 3.5 Player


"McClain is a great coach. I've been playing nearly my whole life, and, after hitting with McClain only a few times, he has been able to point out ways to improve my game that no one else has."

Lee, 4.0 Player


"McClain can teach it all. Forehand, backhand, volley and serve, McClain has the style, patience and know-how to turn those negatives into a positive. From the first lesson, McClain explains the problem areas easily and shows you how to improve on your strokes rather than re-invent new ones. He's a great instructor!"

Chris, 4.5 Player


"Never playing tennis before, I was completely open to any technique out there. After my first hour with McClain, I was hitting both forehands and backhands over the net! He's worth every penny!"

Katie G., 1.5 Player


"McClain has worked with me as a practice partner for 3 years. His groundstrokes are very solid and consistent and he hits a very heavy & deep ball. my game has steadily improved because of all of the time we have spent on the court together."

Bill, 4.5 Player


"I have had 4 tennis instructors in the last 2 years. By far, McClain has been the most helpful. Primarily with improving my consistency and breaking some bad habits. He is very attentive, knowledgeable and takes his tennis instructing very seriously. I feel that he has a genuine desire for me to improve. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their tennis game."

Larry, 4.0 Player


What separates McClain from other tennis coaches out there is his clarity of explanation of techniques, his ability to keep you focused without taking away the fun from the game and his flexibility. I have enjoyed every lesson, and gained more confidence and skill. After only one lesson, I felt so much better about my stroke. McClain's flexibility, accessibility, and easy-going spirit definitely complement his great teaching skills and his knowledge of the game.

Irina, 1.5 Player


"Over my 50 some odd years of playing tennis I have had the opportunity of being coached by some of the best instructors in the game. When it comes to teaching the fundamentals Cliff McClain ranks among with the best whom I have known. He well understands how strokes should be made to obtain optimum efficiency and power and he has a real gift for analyzing the shortcomings of his students and making appropriate corrections. I couldn't be more pleased with the help he has given my 16 year old daughter and myself."

Dick Blasband, 3.5 Player


"Mcclain's warm and open demeanor and incredible tennis skills makes the lesson extemely enjoyable and productive. He can quickly determine small changes that need to be made in order to improve your stroke. A minor change he may suggest will facilitate GIANT improvements in your game. He's great at really helping you improve your game no matter what your level may be. His dedication to his clients is evident in every lesson. I feel grateful to have found him and I guarantee anyone who takes a lesson from him will be beyond satisfied."

Tracy, 4.5 Player


"Mcclain is great! I am a brand-new student to tennis and Mcclain is making my experience fun and successful. He is encouraging, patient, tireless with good advice and lots of praise. Thank you!"

Lisa, 1.5 Player


"I grew up with a family dedicated to playing tennis; at 24, I was suddenly captivated with the idea of developing my 'potential skill'. McClain proved himself to be the sort of friendly instructor that wants to have fun on the court while ensuring a positive learning environment. I've only been taking lessons from him for 2 weeks, and my stroke has thoroughly improved! I highly recommend him to anyone looking to start playing, or get some pointers. He's got a price you can't beat and a smile that's sweet."

Mattea, 1.5 Player


�I started lessons with McClain as a complete beginner. I didn�t know the first thing about tennis. I�m now learning the importance of developing solid ground strokes from the beginning. I feel that it�s important to McClain that I become a good player. He brings a great level of enthusiasm to the court. The lessons are very personalized. He remembers and helps me build on what I�m naturally good at. More importantly, he helps me improve on things I have trouble with. I'm very lucky that I stumbled across McClain�s Craigslist posting. I'm confident that tennis will be in my life for years to come.�

Charlotte, 1.5 Player


"McClain is a one-of-a-kind tennis coach. I started as a complete beginner, and during the first lesson, I was already showing improvement. McClain's tips will improve your technique and make you a more consistent player. His coaching made a real difference in my play and my confidence on the court. Well worth the money, and I look forward to my lessons every week!"

Katie M., 2.0 Player


"McClain is a first-rate tennis instructor. Besides being energetic and engaging, he has a great eye for spotting problems and for making clear suggestions that make an immediate difference in your game. Every lesson I've had with him has been fun and incredibly rewarding."

Kiril, 4.5 Player


"You will definitely see improvement in your game after only one lesson with McClain. He's extremely encouraging and truly makes every session fun. I highly recommend McClain for tennis players at any level."

Andrea, 3.0 Player


"I'm delighted with the progress I've made in just a few lessons with McClain. He has a gift for isolating problems and suggesting changes that make real improvements to one's game. He does this in a constructive, positive way and always keeps it fun. I definitely look forward to every lesson."

Marco, 3.5 Player




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